5 reasons the MORI Zip Baby Pajamas are every parent's dream 👶

Made from the softest, sustainable fabrics, the Zip Baby Pajamas was specially designed to give little ones a peaceful night’s sleep, every night. We also added a few clever features to make a parent’s life simpler.

1. clever opening

A concealed zip from head-to-toe makes dressing your little one and any nighttime changes quick & easy. 

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2. the softest fabric

The Baby Pajamas is crafted from our signature fabric, a unique blend of bamboo and organic cotton. This soft & safe material is naturally breathable, thermoregulating and moisture-wicking to keep babies at the perfect temperature when they sleep

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3. little extras

We’ve designed the sleepsuit with mitts & feet to keep babies under 9 months comfortable and warm as they start to get into their bedtime routine. 

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4. stays soft with every wash

We use the highest-quality natural materials in our one-pieces, meaning they’re made to last. With thoughtful care, the pieces can be worn, washed and passed on again & again. 

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5. prints to suit every style

Our Zip Baby Pajamas is available in a variety of colors, patterns and prints from neutral tones to adorable characters. This also makes them perfect for mixing & matching with other essentials, such as our sleeping bags or swaddle bags.

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