The best baby pajamas for your baby this winter

Getting babies to sleep soundly can be tricky, which is why choosing the right sleepwear for the season is so important. A perfect bedtime outfit will ensure your little one feels comfortable, soothed, and at the correct temperature for a better night’s sleep. 

Winter is the time when we love to hibernate indoors, spending those rainy days and long, dark evenings cuddled up on the couch with our little ones. It’s also a challenging time of year to dress your child so that they’re kept warm, but not too warm, especially at night. If you’re feeling a little lost on this subject, we’ve got you covered.

Keeping your baby at the perfect temperature

The ideal room temperature for a little one throughout the year is around 68-72°F, but we know that’s much harder to maintain safely during winter so layers are your friend. The layer closest to their skin should be soft, breathable, and thermoregulating, which is why our baby pajamas are perfect.

All MORI baby pajamas are crafted in the softest, sustainable fabrics that have been specially chosen to be gentle on a little one’s sensitive skin. Our core collections are crafted from a unique blend of organic cotton and bamboo making them incredibly comfortable for daytime naps or bedtime. 

If your house runs a little colder, our organic cotton velour baby pajamas are guaranteed to keep them feeling cozy and warm all night. 



Dressing a newborn baby in winter

For new parents, we have a large selection of newborn baby pajamas that come with feet to keep little toes warm and integral scratch mitts to protect from their nails. So you know your new arrival is sleeping safe and sound. 

We know that all firsts with your little one are special, but there’s something about Christmas that makes it even more magical. If you love getting into the swing of the Holiday season, we’ve got a whole collection of Christmas baby pajamas for babies so they can look adorable whilst also being comfortable. Plus, if they have older siblings, you can dress them to match in our festive pajamas.


What makes our baby pajamas so special?

Our products are designed to simplify life for parents and carers and our bestselling baby pajamas are no exception. We’ve added innovative openings such as poppers from head to toe and our much-loved two-way zip for fuss-free dressing & changing. 

We use the highest quality natural fabrics in our baby pajamas, meaning they’ll stay soft wash after wash. With thoughtful care, they can be worn, washed, and passed on again & again.


Dress your baby in layers

The general rule of thumb is to dress your baby in one more layer than you’re comfortable in. During winter, babies find it much harder to regulate their temperatures so it’s important that their clothing assists them as much as possible. Sleep sacks are a great way to keep them warm whilst also preventing a little one from kicking off their covers in the night. 

Our award-winning Clever Sleep Sack comes in three TOGs (2.5, 1.5 & 0.5) to be safely used in every season. For winter, we recommend using our thickest 2.5 TOG and layering baby pajamas or PJs underneath. If you prefer swaddling, our cotton & bamboo Cellular Blanket is a cosy option and can be used as a snuggly layer when they’re older too.

Since you can’t always be home for naptimes, it’s just as important to dress your little one warmly and softly in their stroller too. Our Pramsuits are lightly padded to guard against the elements, with a hood and mittens for extra warmth. They’re designed with a handy zip down the front for quick and easy changes. 



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