6 tips for working at home with a baby

Trying to reply to emails when a small human is constantly demanding your attention doesn’t exactly sound like an ideal working situation, but during these times it is a reality. Many of us will find ourselves trying to complete our workload whilst also trying to nurse our little one or rock them to sleep, which can seem stressful but there are some ways to power through this period mama.

split the duties with your partner

If your partner is also working from home you can discuss a way to split the responsibilities together.

By defining who does what and when, this can really help to keep you focused on the task at hand knowing that your turn to be with little one isn’t for another few hours.

If you don’t have your partner at home this is going to be a little more difficult throughout the day, and you won’t be able to rely on them.

However, you can see how they can support more during the evening and take a couple of nappy changes off your hands so you can have a little you-time.

prepare milk for the day

Whether you’re breastfeeding, bottle feeding or doing a combination of both, there are a few hacks you can introduce to your day to spend less time feeding & prepping.

If you’re breastfeeding, you could try pumping milk as an alternative to breastfeeding directly. Alternatively if you are bottle feeding your baby with formula milk, you can fill the bottles with sterilised and boiled water so that during the day all you need to do is add in your formula. (Always make sure you are following the NHS guidelines when it comes to bottle feeding).

If you are only breastfeeding and don’t want to pump, then you could prepare your working area for this. Ensuring you are comfortable and seated during breastfeeding will help.

If you need to take calls or video calls and are worried about breastfeeding during that time - just let your colleagues know. You can also use a large muslin to discreetly breastfeed if that makes you feel more comfortable.

strap baby on and create a standing desk

Don’t want to keep having to pick your little one up and disturb your working flow? You can wear your baby throughout the day and even create a standing desk.

Standing up is great for keeping fit and healthy, plus with your little one strapped on it’s basically your workout for the day.

Alternatively you can place them in a sling and sit down with them, but either way means you have your hands free and can continue working with baby close to you.You can also keep them strapped on and do some gentle exercise around your garden or go for a walk - as long as you are social distancing and practicing the Government guidelines.

create a routine

One of the keys to working from home successfully is to create a routine, but that can be easier said than done when you have an unpredictable baby.

Even though things are likely to change, you can try to create a routine that works around your baby’s nap, sleep and feeding schedule as much as possible.

You can monitor this daily to see if there are any changes, and you could even speak with your employer to see if you can do slightly different hours considering the circumstances.

set expectations

Your employer will know that this period of time is a tricky one for everyone and that everyone is doing their very best.

If you are worried about anything, it’s worth speaking directly with your employer and being honest about any aspects that you feel might affect how you are working.

don't be too hard on yourself

You should also set expectations with yourself and realise that these are different than normal circumstances and therefore you might encounter a few problems.

If there is a day where you struggle to get your normal workload done, don’t be too hard on yourself!

Working from home with a baby isn’t the easiest thing to do and so make sure you remind yourself you’re doing your best.


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