What To Put on Your Newborn Baby Shopping List; Items New Parents Can't Live Without

Knowing exactly what to buy when you're expecting a baby can be tricky; from car seats to muslins to breast pads, the list is endless. The best advice often comes from those who have already been through it and know what worked well from experience. We asked a few of our MORI Instagram Community parents what three items they couldn't have survived without as a new parent, and here are their essentials...

Baby sleeping wearing MORI in a Sleephead
  • Sleepyhead, MORI blanket & treacle sponge pudding from M&S
    - @eggygreene
  • A lovely soft blanket e.g. MORI, that you can swaddle with if needed, lansinoh ointment, nursing pads and lots of coconut water to drink
    - @littlebeebutfierce
  • Baby MORI Sleeping Sack, an absolute fave <3, Snuzpod for safe night time cuddles and Tommee Tippee prep machine!
    - @mamhossaini
  • I will try to sum it up in 3 items, although there are much more than that: Fisher-Price Comfort Bouncer, MORI blanket & dactozin rash cream
    - @mymotherhood.me
  • Sleepyhead, lansinoh lanolin and muslins
    - @jenjadecraig
Two newborn babies in Baby Bjorn bouncers

  • Muslins, Baby Bjorn Bouncer and MORI Sleep Sack
    - @florenceleb6
  • Dummy, swaddle/muslins and white noise machine
    - @karenlfarl
  • Sleepyhead, MORI Kimono Bodysuits (especially for newborns) and TONS of water! And Vitamix, of course!
    - @jolislifestyle
  • MORI Sleep Sack, Ewan The Dream Sheep and LOADS of nipple cream if you're planning on breastfeeding 🙌🏻
    - @theo_and_i
  • Sleepyhead, hot water bottle and prep machine!
    - @amyemma1987
  • Muslin swaddle blankets, bouncy seat and Baby Jogger City Select Stroller!
    - @lucmarie
  • Baby vests/baby gros, muslins! Lots of muslins! Baby sleep SACK
    - @bidi82
  • Rockwell bassinet from @montedesign - I swear it's why my babe slept through the night from 6 weeks!
    - @caitlinzaino
  • Sleephead, Baby Bjorn Bouncer and a white noise machine. We love the Aden and Anais Serenity Star!
    - @smithandbearx
  • Cocoonababy, Ewan the Dream Sheep and Ergobaby Carrier
    - @emilyswifty
A small baby and an older baby in a sleeping bag
  • Muslins, the Purflo and a baby sling!
    - @ameliabrown94
  • Muslins, Ewan the Dream Sheep and my fiance who has been helping so much with Bobby our 3 week old 👶🏽💕
    - @maddykelly___
  • Muslins, zippys and baby carriers
    - @fivelittlebirds
  • Love to Dream Swaddle Suit, Baby Bjorn carrier and Moba crib!
    - @eachpeachlondon
  • Babyzen Yoyo pram (best purchase ever!), baby sleeping bag and plenty of breast pads!
    - @lid_j

Let us know your three essential items as a new parent or even an expectant parent, in the comments below!

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