how we give back to our community

We believe that no matter how big or small you may be as a company, it’s important to make a difference. Much like the little ones we dress, we are still growing, which means our current charity partners and the causes we support have been centered around our home in the UK. However, as a brand, we are committed to making positive impacts wherever we can and hope to support charities in the US, and eventually, be involved in meaningful causes on a global scale.

A little about the ones we support at home: 

the kindness project

At MORI we are dedicated to supporting a longer life for our clothes, which is every fabric we use is carefully chosen for its longevity - discover our different fabrics here. Therefore, it was a logical step for us to support a charity dedicated to passing pre-loved clothing on to children in need. 

We partnered with Little Village, an incredible parent-run charity based in London, who curate beautiful bundles of clothing and equipment donated by local families to those in need of a helping hand. 

Customers in the UK can donate their pre-loved or unused MORI clothing back to us, where we pass them directly to Little Village to be used in their bundles.

celebrating every kind of love

As well as sustainable fashion projects, MORI is proud to always support the LGBTQ+ community, celebrating and sharing the message of self-expression, diversity and every kind of love.

In 2019, for every product sold from our Rainbow Collection, we donated to New Family Social, a charity who help LGBTQ+ couples to foster and adopt. 

our NHS

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, we launched a campaign in the UK to thank our healthcare providers and help NHS parents sleep better. With the help of our customers were able to send thousands of sleepsuits to NHS parents across the UK.





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