organic baby pajamas

Our organic baby pajamas are designed to give little ones the sweetest dreams every night. Crafted in the softest, sustainable fabrics our pajama collection has been thoughtfully designed to help the whole family sleep better.

Our baby pajamas come in a variety of styles with zipper or popper fastenings and long or short sleeves & legs to suit every season. Our footless sleep one-pieces are made for those little-bit-bigger ones learning to walk. 

Available in a wide range of colors, from neutral tones to shades of pink, blue and greens, our pajamas also come in multipacks of two, four or seven so your little one can be dressed softly every night.

















Baby Pajamas FAQs

How many baby pajamas does a newborn need?

For the first few weeks, your little one will practically live in baby pajamas, they’re comfortable, warm, quick to take on and off and easy to wash. It’s hard to know how much your baby will weigh at birth, but unless you’ve been told you’ll be having a smaller or larger baby, we recommend 2-3 newborn sizes and around 4-5 in 0-3 months.

Are baby pajamas just for sleeping?

We believe that baby pajamas are an easy and practical choice for day or night dressing. Ours are designed in comfortable, flexible fabrics that move with your little one as they play & explore. They also cover most of the body to prevent scratches, especially useful for when they’re learning to crawl. Best of all, they’re a one-and-done outfit, you can just add a sweater or cardigan as an extra layer if it’s cold out. 

At what age should babies stop wearing baby pajamas?

There’s no specific time when they have to stop, but most places (including us) only go up to 2 years in baby pajamas. All our older styles (12-24 months) are designed without scratch mitts and feet so your little one can toddle around without slipping.

What makes MORI baby pajamas a good choice?

As with everything else we make, all of our baby pajamas are crafted from soft, safe and sustainable organic cotton & bamboo. This fabric is breathable, thermoregulating and moisture-wicking to keep little ones at the perfect temperature always. We’ve also added practical fastenings like double-directional zips and poppers from head to toe to make changes quick and easy. Our award-winning baby pajamas are available in summer styles with short legs and arms, which are perfect for holiday slumbers. 

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